Welcome to Wrington Thru the Lens, a project conceived and curated by Wrington resident John Rubidge. The project began in 2017 and seeks to find old photographs and records that help visually tell the story of Wrington’s social and industrial heritage. 

With help from local volunteers and history enthusiasts who appreciate and care about Wrington’s heritage, the ambition is to create a digital archive of photographs and stories related to people, places and events from Wrington's past. The project is supported by Wrington Local History Society, Wrington Parish Council, Wrington Village Fair and over 50 personal sponsors.

Over the next few years our aim is to borrow and scan photographs, as well as documents and local history records, from private collections and publicly available material, to create a digital archive of Wrington, as captured on camera.

As the saying goes ‘every picture tells a story’, and we were delighted to publish our first book on 28th May 2022, titled 'Wrington Thru the Lens - A visual Journey into Wrington's Past', with over 200 old photographs together with related historical narrative.